NFÜ conference and workshop

On the 19th July in 2012 the National Development Agency organized a conference and workshop for the participating enterprises of the New Széchenyi Plan tenders in the Millenáris conference hall. In my opinion this is one of the announced social consultation events of the Orbán-cabinet.


I will not deny that I became curious when I have received the invitation for the above mentioned conference.

Innovation always characterized our firm, so it wasn’t a surprise that we early focused on EU subsidies, the engine of nowaday’s market. Listening to Viktor Orbán’s speech I was confirmed that the development of the ANT is in the right direction. Orbán said that the existence of EU subsidies is (??) a cornerstone in Hungary’s development policy. EU funds give the 90 percent of the Hungarian development policy. Through this source a total sum of 8 200 billion forints gets in the economy between the years of 2007 and 2013. That is not a few money. As the prime minister said ‘Money is coming’.

Zoltán Petykó, president of the HDA (NFÜ) mentioned a lot of details in his opening speech. I won’t write them all, I give task for the press. I may only highlight the essence of it. Until now (this day) only the quarter of the available funds were paid. It means that in the remaining 18 months until the end of 2013 and the following 2 years, so in a total of 3.5 years the remaining 75 percent (3/4) of the funds has to be allocated in the economy. In case of even distribution, so the same amount of money is paid in each year, it means approx 1 700 billion forints will be paid yearly. The Hungarian GDP (?) data in 2011 was around 32 000 billion forints, which means the yearly paid subsidies would increase it by 5% in the next 3.5 years according to a World Bank survey. This is nor a few money.

Mr. Orbán opened the conference that the present entrepreneurs gained his appreciation, because the system requires though challenges. This made me to think over how we performed.


In 2006 we entered the GVOP 2.1.2. tender within the framework of the NDP (NFT). Well... we hadn’t got sweet memories about it. The project was characterized by terrible bureaucracy from the (tender) writer’s point of view, and by dangerous inexperience from ours. Of course we were able to settle the accounts, but I won’t say it was easy until somebody forces me to say it with weapons in his arms.

It took away our spirit for a while.

Then in 2009 we tried again with death defying courage to participate in new tenders. This time it was much easier. This can be because we had more routine or maybe the bureaucracy decreased for 2010, when we received our first draws (payments).


I have to admit that now I see it totally different since we and our partners participate in tenders and help in the implementation of awarded ones, not just for ourselves but for others too. Even today it’s a common belief that it’s almost impossible to reckon with the HEDC (Hungarian Economic Development Centre ltd.), but it’s not true in the case you have the appropriate competence within doors. Not accidentally when we help others to get EU-subsidies, our main goal is to emphasize the continuous tender implementation control and accounting preparation.
And here comes a little self-advertisement. In the last and this year we participated in only successful tenders with our partners.

So our EU-support awarding and implementing rate is 100% so far, and we hope – due to our precise work – we can manage to remain at this level in the future.


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