About the start of the new ANT website

I would like to announce that the new ANT website is completed.

Many people were asking why it was needed. I think the time has come to answer this question.

Our partner who wants his firm to appear in the virtual space or just wants to refresh its appearance we usually tell that in our age it is not enough to have a pretty website filled with passively listing the firm’s services. Generally there is a need for something different, something more.

There are different ways here. There can be a need for a webshop, an interactive chat channel, blog posts, online questionnaires, maybe for a ‘little facebook’ integration, etc. For different goals different applications needed.

Lots of options can be used to make our website interesting. Perhaps the ‘interesting’ word in itself is not enough.
I think for its effectiveness there is need for assessing and continuous monitoring.

Well, we have known these principles for years and we suggest them for our customers. But as the saying goes about the shoemaker’s shoe… So we went in this way too... :(

We put a stop to this failure and modernize our virtual appearance in our discrete, almost conservative way.


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