Leading the way again – Fujitsu Select Partner prize award


In June of 2012 Fujitsu has organized a monumental SELECT Partner Program awards event, where – as the name shows – the partners take part. At this ceremony Viktor Tábor, owner of ANT Kft. has received The Best Solution Innovator award from Gábor Poros, poros manager of Fujitsu.


We are proud of Fujitsu’s decision, who is probably the world No.1 innovating IT solutions producer, (just to mention the lasts: leading in distributing of cloud computing; setting energy efficiency world record by the new PRIMERGY RX300 S7 series) for awarding the work of ANT Kft. as Fujitsu’s SELECT EXPERT PARTNER. Being the most innovative partner of the world’s most innovative producer is the highest award and success.


On the picture (from left to right): László Ottó Tőke, Viktor Tábor, Gábor Poros

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