General Conditions for Improvement

Advanced Network Technologies Ltd. (hereinafter ANT Ltd.) performs maintenance and repair services under the following conditions, on the basis of case by case order of the Customer, for contractual partners (hereinafter the Customer). In the absence of a written stipulation to the contrary, these General Terms and Conditions of Repair are part of all agreement for service work orders between the Customer and ANT Ltd. 

1. Bid, Order
Execution of the service can be done at the premises of the Customer, or at the service department of ANT Ltd. Ordering the service is established upon signature of the Service Work Order Form (hereinafter referred to as Worksheet) received by ANT Ltd.

2. Rates and Fees
The maintenance and repair services fee is established based ANT Ltd.’s effective price list for case by case repair and maintenance services. The service fee includes the cost of labor, material costs, preparation, and – for on-site service – the traveling costs. The service fee does not include replacement or renovation of supplies (toner, ink cartridges, etc.). Customer is required to pay the service fee. The service fee does not include the VAT amount. The removed parts will not be saved and will not be stored, hence the Customer is required to notify of their need for the components when recording the Worksheet, and the recorder to record it.

3. Terms of Payment
The payment shall be made as indicated in the invoice. If the Customer pays by bank transfer, the Parties shall consider payment to be met after the transfer is credited to ANT Ltd.’s bank account.

In case of late payment, ANT Ltd. can charge a default interest corresponding with twice the base rate, on a daily basis.

4. Delivery - Receipt
If repair is done at the service department of ANT Ltd. delivery of the device and pick-up after the service is completed is to be borne by the Customer. ANT Ltd. will notify the Customer of the service completion, and that the repaired product can be picked up from the service department.

The goods can only be picked up in exchange for the Worksheet completed at the time of receipt.

If pick up occurs more than fifteen calendar days from the completed repair, a net daily storage cost of 800 HUF shall be enforceable by ANT Ltd. In case of pick up delay beyond sixty days, ANT Ltd. is not required to store the repaired device. The Customer will be required to pay the bills for the repair costs even in this case.

After handover, the Customer is not entitled to appeal in respect of quality or quantity of the goods received. After the handover, if the Customer has not made an objection, the parties consider the items on the invoice completely delivered. 

5. Site Preparation, Installation
If ANT Ltd. agrees to installation in the individual contract, the Customer is obliged to prepare the site according to ANT Ltd.'s instructions. The services provided by ANT Ltd. and the conditions thereof are governed by specific agreements concluded with the Customer.

6. Warranty
ANT Ltd. offers a 30-day warranty from the time of the installation on manufacturing or material defects of the parts and components it uses and integrates. This warranty does not cover defects resulting from unauthorized maintenance work carried out by the Customer, software provided by Customer, driver units and components, unauthorized modification or misuse, operating the product outside the indicated range of environmental specifications, and inappropriate site preparation and maintenance by the Customer.

The Customer is obliged to notify ANT Ltd. immediately in writing (letter, telegram, or fax), if it detects a fault in the component built in during the repair or maintenance, in the course of the warranty period.

The Customer can assert their demand under guarantee, warranty for the repair, maintenance service only as invoiced by ANT Ltd.

7. Protection against Third Party Demands
If it is proved that a third party inhibits the Customer in any of their existing right to use the products or software delivered, as a result of omission or violation of law by ANT Ltd., ANT Ltd. buys at its own expense the right to further use, or provides remedy to the breach by exchange or amendment, and, if necessary, participates in proceedings brought before a court or other authority, body or organization, with or on behalf of the Customer. In all cases, ANT Ltd. relieves the Customer of any disadvantage due to the breach.

The condition of this protection is that the Customer shall immediately notify ANT Ltd. of the situation, provide all the required information and help requested by ANT Ltd., and empower ANT Ltd. to conduct any negotiations, and to represent them before the courts or other authorities, bodies or organizations. In these cases, the Customer may make a statement only with the consent of ANT Ltd.

8. Limitation of Liability
The protection and saving of computer data stored on the device received for repair, programs, settings, and information, solutions under patent or intellectual property judicial protection, is the sole responsibility of the Customer. ANT Ltd does not perform backup operations during the repair/maintenance services, and is not responsible for user settings alteration, termination. ANT Ltd. is not responsible for damages caused by loss or damage of data, and indirect or consequential damages, and loss of profits, even if they occurred due to a reason attributable to the repair or maintenance carried out.
By ordering any product, The Customer acknowledges that they are familiar with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Repair, and that they understand and comply with.

For issues not covered here and in other contracts between the two parties, both parties shall be guided by relevant paragraphs of the Civil Code.

The Customer accepts the Limitation of Liability terms of this General Terms and Conditions of Repair, having regard to the value of services provided by ANT Ltd. and to the standard terms in the information technology sector.

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