Research and Development

1 Concept of research & development:

Research and development (R & D) includes materials to increase awareness of the creative work is done, and the resulting knowledge to develop new applications for use.

The R & D activities in three types of science are distinguished:

- basic research
- applied research
- experimental development


Since the foundation of our company deals with 1research and development activities.

This area has always been a decisive factor in our lives. As stated in our mission:

"We work to find advanced solutions ..."

/ANT Ltd. Our mission/            

So our company has created the first national system for virus detection and extermination, and the WinTer® secure remote terminal connection system.

2basic research

Basic research is such an experimental and theoretical work, which has a main goal of learning new knowledge (knowledge expansion) about the essence and observable facts.
Basic research can be done without the goal of application, utilization, but in case of aimed basic research, there is an expectation that the greater knowledge should be appropriate for solving the upcoming problems.
In many cases the result of the research has not direct business benefits, but in the long term it can be the base of products and applied researches.

In the last more than twenty years hundreds of our ‘ideas’ were followed by in-depth research, which is called basic research in science.

Many of our basic researches later got into the experimental development phase, which decided whether our ideas are viable or not.


3experimental development

The experimental development means the use of scientific-technical knowledge and experience in order to create new or significantly improved products, services, devices, methods and processes. So it means the utilization of the results of applied research, in case of industrial research it deals with creating plans and accomplishes the prototype which will not available for commercial use.

We are very pleased that more than 10% of our concepts are suitable for developing into real products/solutions, so only our resources can be the barrier of realization of them. It is due to the innovative technical workshop in our company, which is guided by our experienced sales consultants, their guidelines and market surveys give rather good estimation about market needs.



4applied research

The aim of applied research is to get new knowledge which can be used for developing new or leading to significant improvement in the available products, methods and services. It includes the establishing of complex systems needed for research, except prototypes designed for commercial use.
The applied research is attempts to answer for concrete practical questions.

It is no wonder that our applied researches , which follow the successful experimental development, receive positive reactions from the market.

Encouraged by our successes, and because of our perpetual curiosity and innovative attitude this area is always in the centre of our activity.

Due to this, important research and development projects are currently in progress in a broad spectrum of the industry.

Although these projects affect several segments of industry, we can mention that all of our R+D projects are in connection with IT (informatics), the main profile of our company.

 Thanks to the tenders of the European Union (National Innovation Plan, New Széchenyi Plan), and the Research and Technology Innovation Fund, many of our projects have received subsidies.

Who deals with this area, knows that a good idea, a good market research alone is not enough, time is also an important factor. So in our busy world it is very important that the product should follow the idea in time. This rapid innovation can gain competitive advantage for us.

We already knew this fact, so in order to the rapid and qualified implementation, we concluded agreement with several well known science research institutions.

Our partners in research and development:

 Hungarian Academy of Sciences
 Computer and Automation
 Research Institute



 Óbuda University

 University of Szeged

 Budapest University
 of Technology and Economics

 Innovation Center Nonprofit Ltd.

BME Viking
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Research and Development Nonprofit Ltd.

Our research and development projects:

  • IT security development

WebAccessControl developing



  • Geological development based on Laser Technology 

Development of laser technology crystal cleavage device

Development of filter System for in-situ (localized) deep drilling in Geothermal and crude Oil Indusrty, by using innovative Laser Optical Technology



  •  Cloud Technology

Cloud Development of Accreditation Processes and Center

  • Location and Positioning

Development of Mobile Panel by using Positioning Technologies


  • Mintakeresési eljárás és adatelemzési módszertan fejlesztése különböző diagnosztikai rendszerek által gyűjtött adatok együttes kezelésével


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