The Microsoft Magyarország Kft. was founded as the Hungarian representative of the Microsoft Corporation in 1993 with only two employees. Now the number of employees almost reach 200, and the company became one of the determinative companies of the market. The Microsoft Magyarország won the ‘Best Workplace Award’ in 2003 and in 2006, the Best IT Workplace award in 2008, and became the third best among the large companies. In 2010 it won the ‘Best Workplace for Women 2009 Award’ on the tender of MNKSZ.

Today the Microsoft Corporation is present in 107 countries of the world and has about 90,000 employees. In the 2009 financial year its revenues reached $54.44 billion dollars.

From its foundation in 1993, Microsoft Magyarország has accomplished the innovation plans of Microsoft Corporation with unbroken momentum, and has contributed successfully to form the IT culture. As commercial representative it sells Microsoft products through domestic distributors and partners, and it uses similar methods to involve partners to broaden the service portfolio too. Microsoft’s presence can be felt in the whole Hungarian IT industry; it has partnership with almost all important Hungarian technology companies. With more than 2000 partners they have 50 thousand employees in Hungary.

Microsoft is a committed responsible (industry) market participant. Its main goal is to help individuals and enterprises to maximize their potential. The company was built in this spirit, based on innovative softwares and service, because the technology offered by Microsoft makes the work and activity (of people) more successful. However the commitment to the company’s mission, for its values goes far beyond. Microsoft believes that every successful company has to be responsible to make positive impact on its environment by using its resources and influence.

As industry-leader and one of the world’s biggest software company Microsoft’s responsibility to operate as a good corporate citizen in the world. It includes the full compliancy with laws and regulations, setting ethic business standards, moderating environmental threats, rational management of natural resources.

Microsoft’s Unlimited Possibilities program is a long-term, global business and responsible citizen-like commitment. Its goal is to deliver the relevant, accessible and affordable technology and the needed knowledge for using them to the world’s 5 billion inhabitants not just for the IT users. Based on strong partnerships Microsoft combines different technology solutions, develops new business models and conducts researches for sustainable social development and renewable economic possibilities.

Microsoft plays main role in the economy and in the IT segment in Hungary, but it appears in social life too: it takes part in supporting the civil society, and through its education programs in moderating social problems. In accordance with its parent’s aid policy, Microsoft Magyarország set to help underprivileged young people, to support the lifelong learning of adults and to foster the equal opportunities as the main objectives.

The main objective of the Partner in Learning program is to provide the devices and study materials which are needed for the development of teachers and students in public education; and to spread the digital literacy and IT supported education.


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