Information security

The issue of information security is now going beyond the IT infrastructure supporting data management. The integration of telecommunication systems, the development of mobile devices poses new challenges. This accelerating environment exposes the operating people more and more strain, which increases the mistakes, the risk of abuse.

The key to maintain the operability of information and protection of complex business processes based on it's approach.
How does the proper management of information security help?
  • Ensures that business secrets are well kept
  • Managing to maintain the business processes and the continuity of business operations
  • Gives clear view over the operating environment and the business processes
Who do we recommend our services?
  • For those who use significant IT and telecommunications infrastructure to support business processes.
  • For those who have to serve their partners continuously is vital.
  • For those who love the well-organized and controlled IT operating environment.
What is it exactly?
It is about establishing such complex operating environment as are concerned with technology and administrative means to implement a secure information infrastructure.
When we hear about information security, immediately firewalls, anti-virus systems, network activity monitoring and analytics solutions, log analyzing infrastructure come to mind. Useful though expensive solutions. Expensive, especially if you are ignoring the complexity and using them isolated. It's like when steel security doors were installed in the entrance, but the balcony door is kept open regularly.

 At least as important that the information must be protected sufficient to its value and the potential dangers lurking out, because you don’t want to spend more money than absolutely necessary. For this, however, you have to approach systematically the issue of information security.
First, you have to be aware of the assets want to be protected and its supporting infrastructure. This information can be typically collected during business impact analysis, surveying data asset and IT systems. The next step is to reveal the threats and risks for specific elements of the IT systems and for the data during a risk analysis.
The risk management measures are necessary but not sufficient for proper Information Security Management System (ISMS) to develop, as they draw attention to the problem but do not provide complete protection concept for the organization. In addition to managing risk, you need to think about the physical environment, human resources security issues. You have to ensure the management of the assets, communications and operations management, access control, procurement, development and maintenance issues, incident management and ensure continuity of operation as well.
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