Assessment of data assets


Information is the base of our business processes. Their damage, loss, theft can cause financial loss, and operational disruptions as well. To successfully avoid these nuisances we have to know the place of occurrence and application features of our data.

Surveying data assets registers relevant data related to the business processes. For effective protection, it is essential to explore the location, structure and value of data assets, the connection of particular data to business processes, because the level of protection is derived from these factors. It is also an important factor what we want to protect. We have to know about the data, its place, what form we store it, with what value, and how it connects to the business processes and departments.

Assessment of data assets project overview:



Phases of Implementation:

1.    Preliminary discussions

  • Defining filter conditions (which data we deal with)
  • Defining relevant data assets
  • Setting classification principles

2.   Survey

  • Segmentation of complete data assets
  • Structuring data assets
  • Defining parameters for structured data assets
    • name of data/data group
    • process connections
    • place of storage
    • processing applications
    • operating personnel
    • access
  • Compilation of data assets inventory

3.    Evaluation

  • Defining evaluation principles
  • Classification of data assets

4. Regulation

  • Defining data management principles
  • Preparation of privacy policy

Products of this process:

  • Data asset inventory
  • Privacy policy


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