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ANT Ltd.’s website (www.ant.hu, hereinafter referred to as Website) is operated by ANT Ltd. (1064 Budapest, Izabella u. 88, hereinafter referred to as Operator).

By using the Website, you accept the following terms and information. Our staff are happy to provide information for better understanding of the technical and legal terms described below.

I. During any registration on the Website, data disclosure is voluntary.

In regards to personal data, the controller is ANT Ltd., who acts in compliance with the provisions of law LXIII. of 1992. The Operator – in the absence of a legal obligation – does not transfer the personal data processed to third parties without the express written consent of the concerned.

The purposes for which personal data are collected are always revealed on the page where the Operator asks you to enter this type of data.

When downloading certain portions of this Website, small data files ('cookies') are automatically placed on your computer, which in some cases contain your personal information). You will not receive additional notice from the Operator, if this occurs. The data files are necessary to operate certain features on the Website; during your visits, the previous data files will be sent to the Operator. You can block all activities related to the data files; the exact description on how to do this can be found on your browser’s Help page.

When accessing the Website, some parameters of your computer and the IP address are recorded in a log file. The information is only used for statistical purposes; the Operator uses them exclusively for Website development. The IP address and the log file in some cases may be considered as personal data.

Upon completion of their purpose, or upon your request, the Operator will destroy the personal data.


Considering that the Internet is an open, non-secure network, the Operator disclaims all liability for damages due to destruction, late arrival, or other error of Messages transmitted electronically.


Except when indicated otherwise, the Website content is the intellectual property of the Operator.
Intellectual creations of third parties published by the Operator (such as articles, essays) can be used solely within the limits set by law LXXVI. of 1999. For all use exceeding these limits, the author's consent is necessary.


The Website content does not constitute legal advice in any case; the Operator publishes it for information purposes only.
The Operator excludes compensation for any loss resulting from the downloading of- or unavailability of the Website.

Content downloaded by following external links from the Website (links with a URL different from ant.hu) is not under the control of the Operator. Upon the authorized party’s request, the Operator deletes or edits the link.

In respect of content on the Website’s 'forum' section, as well as in offers, advertisements, brochures on the Website, Operator disclaims all liability. Operator reserves the right to remove without notice, warning, or explanation comments or content submitted by users.

The Operator reserves the right to ban users, to terminate registration without prior notice and explanation.

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