IT Operation

IT operations support:

In every company's life, there is a point when a good friend is no longer enough for operating the IT systems.

There is a point when solving problems like fire-fighting is not enough.
There comes a point when the good friend does not have any time for you and for your problems, though the deadline is very close.
The IT operations team of our company can manage your IT systems in 7x24 hours a day to always have a functioning infrastructure what you can build your business onto. Whether it is an "easy" one-site company or the IT borderline protection of a multi-site enterprise, or "internal" operation of servers.
How can we undertake this?

The answer is simple: We do not like surprises, we find bugs proactively!

Whether a computer or IT system is working today, not sure that will work after tomorrow.
We can predict failures using our cross-platform monitoring system which takes samples periodically from your systems. It informs our team even about the smallest failures.
13 reasons why worth choosing us:
  • Higher availability and reliability, enhanced security
  • The information technolgy is based on company with great professional experience, not on the employee
  • You can avoid managing the human resources of the IT
  • The management will meet much less IT issues (decision situation)
  • Predictable operating costs, lower fixed costs
  • We assure tracking the company's organizational and operational changes over the IT
  • Regular (weekly, monthly fixed time) appearance or continuous presence
  • Constructing and operating of remote monitoring system
  • Monthly timeframe
  • Urgent (within 2-4 hours) appearance in exceptional cases
  • Administrator tasks
  • Operator tasks
  • User support


IT services on a fee basis:

Our company, trusting in the professional knowledge and many years of experience, undertaking ad hoc, whether large-scale IT services. These include installation, migration, maintenance, etc.. services.
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