Telco and computer networking

Wiring buildings using phone-, Cat5, Cat6, Cat7 and optical cables, passive and active network components.
Network construction

We undertake small, medium and large sized computer and telephone networks complete construction, maintenance, operation, and expansion of existing networks, upgrading.

We provide every information during the preliminary assessment in order to let you chose the most appropriate network components and solutions, to make clear the exact needs of the construction process and thread, as well as the network operating conditions and the knowledge of the costs.

We have built a computer and telephone networks, we keep in mind when planning the construction cost of the current should be proportional basis, whilst taking into account the future expansion possibilities. In addition, besides the current expectations, the network must have adequate reserve power sources.

Network administration and maintenance

There are several important tasks after building a computer or telephone network, such as continuous administration and maintenance. Over time, the cables and connectors are aging, wear out and cracks may occur; the active network components may malfunction or their operation may cause more noise. An untended network may jeopardize the operation of the whole company, therefore attention should be paid to its maintenance. Ad hoc and flat-rate maintenance service help to avoid such errors.


  • Traversing the location and planned route and environmental assessment
  • Planning and coordinating the network topology
  • Selecting the active and passive network elements
  • Developing the quote
  • Installing the passive network components (cables, cable trunking etc.)
  • Installing the active and passive network components
  • Creating measurement records
  • Troubleshooting
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