NetApp – earlier Network Appliance Inc. – is an IT and innovation enterprise founded by David Hitz, James Lau and Michael Malcolm in 1992. Its goal was to produce affordable network mass storage systems, which can help to decrease the IT relevant expenditures, CAPEX (capital expenditure) and OPEX (operational expenditure) as well.

Nowadays it has become a market leader multinational company and has been introduced into the US Stock Exchange (NASDAQ: NTAP).

Since its existence the innovative storage-specialist was able to attract well known and recognized brands such as: Oracle, SAP, Google, Yahoo, BMW, General Electric, British Telecom, Petrobras or NASA.

NetApp in numbers:

  • Number of employees: 11000+
  • Annual turnover: $5.1 billion (FY2010)
  • member of S&P 500
  • member of NASDAQ
  • a Fortune 100 company

The NetApp products can be categorized according to their functions:

  • Primary storage
  • Remote and small office storage
  • Virtualization solutions
  • VTL – Virtual Tape Library
  • Near-line storage
  • Mass storage accelerator
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