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Today, the man has become one of the most expensive production tool, and companies don't hold them in plenty. The external consultant is not only competence, but capacity is, for the most delicate tasks.

As companies usually frame the human resources structure and consistence of skills into the normal business operations, composition skills, beyond the normal operating tasks rarely have enough capacity. It's even worse in the IT area, where as the number of low-maintenance and trouble-free operation for both targets.
Managers rarely take into account the fact that IT supporting of the changing and growing business needs requires competencies and capacities are beyond operation, thus quality solving these tasks often comes at the expense of operational tasks. More often, operational tasks are prioritized and the development projects are impaired of the limited scarce human resources.

The solution is to involve external expert capacities that are not only with specific technical competencies, but also with their sectoral knowledge can increase the usefulness of the investments. However, today it does matter how much you can benefit from an investment.

When do you need us?

  • When your business problems wanted to cover with IT solutions, but not sure how.
  • When the preparation of IT investments don't have enough capacity or specific expertise.
  • When the management of your IT investments would like to see experts hands.
  • If you want to be sure the suppliers of your IT investment are providing what you really expected.
  • When your business strategy not yet mapped to the IT strategy.
  • If you want to review the your current IT infrastructure wheter you can improve on it.
  • When your IT infrastructure is somewhat chaotic and under-documented, but you like clear, transparent stuffs.

Who do we recommend our services?

  • For those who need specific IT skills.
  • For those who need professional, flexible and cost-effectively callable expert capacities.
  • For those who love the well-organized and controlled IT operating environment.
  • For those who are forced to realize investments with limited human resources.
  • For those whom it is important that the benefit of the investment must be maximized.

Why do you trust us?

  • Because have been working in the IT business for more than 20 years.
  • Because we can obtain proven, IT specific competencies and skills from our wide, professional acquaintanceship.
  • Because our staff are practical experts who are also knowthe  real operation beyond the methodologies.
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