Business Impact Analysis (BIA)


When business processes got stuck, shut down by the loss of supporting resources, directly or indirectly can cause financial loss. If we are not able to identify the extent of damages, we won’t be able to create a cost effective defense.

Cost effectiveness is derived from appropriate evaluation. Usually we pay for protecting valuable, but we don’t, in case of worthless things. Since protection is realized at the level of supporting resources, and their value depends on the value of their supported business process, it is inevitable to overview and evaluate business processes.

Business Impact analysis project overview:



Phases of implementation:

1.    Status assessment

  • Surveying, documenting business processes
  • Accumulating relevant IT services
  • Exploration of supporting resources
    • environmental infrastructure
    • communication system
    • hardware
    • software
    • storage
    • document
    • human resources
  • Surveying data assets

2. Evaluation

  • Evaluating services
  • Evaluating data assets
  • Evaluating system components

3. Analysis

  • Risk analysis
  • Risk management suggestions

Products of this process:

  • Business process datasheets
  • IT service catalog
  • List of relevant supporting resources
  • Data assets inventory
  • Risk analysis report
  • Risk management suggestions


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