LOGalyze log collection and analysis system

The LOGalyze log collector and analyzer system entirely Hungarian development. Easy to use, low operating cost, fault-tolerant central system log management device for general purposes. Secure channel to collect log information in one central location, and then filter, sort and analyze them! Put all in a simple to use, intuitive web interface!


LOGalyze collects event logs from distributed Windows hosts or syslogs from distributed Linux/Unix/Solaris/AIX hosts, active network elements - including switches and routers -, firewalls, IDS/IPS or files generated by any system or application, or SNMP traps.


Analyzer engine of LOGalyze includes value added capability of analyzing log data. Offers multi-dimensional statistics and correlated event detection real-time.

Parse, store

LOGalyze identifies the collected logs, classifies them by source host, severity, type, splits them into fields and stores for efficient analyzing.

Report, alert

LOGalyze includes predefined compliance reports and possibility of making custom reports based on parsed data. With plug-in style Alert modules it notifies users or other systems when an event matching one or more specified criteria is generated.

Main Features:

Central log collection is not only for professionals

LOGalyze collects, parses, indexes and stores log data from any device, OS or application. With LOGalyze, you can:

  • Process log data at a high rate
  • Parse any log row with built in or custom made Log Definitions
  • Ability to analyze custom business application logs
  • Browse or search logs with a web based administration GUI
  • Create multi dimensional statistics real-time based on individual fields of log
  • Securely transport log data to other LOGalyze engines or syslog devices
  • Export reports or lists into CSV, XLS, PDF or HTML formats
  • Alert and notify users or other systems when an event matching one or more specified criteria is generated.
  • Compatible with syslog, rsyslog, syslog-ng, Lasso, Snare
  • SOAP API service
Compliance audits & reports
LOGalyze provides reports to help comply with various regulatory acts like:
  • HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act
  • PCI DSS - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act
The above reports for various regulatory compliance audits are automatically generated as soon as logs are collected. You can save these reports in multiple report formats, like HTML, PDF or CSV, and schedule them to run periodically, and even get them emailed to multiple users. 

Detailed information:

Log analysis engine

  • Collectors
    • Syslog UDP/TCP (Compatible with syslogd, rsyslog, syslog-ng, Lasso, Snare)
    • Plain text file collector (Delimiter or fix width) over HTTP(S), FTP, SFTP
    • Multi-line text collector
    • Database connectivity, query a database, collect and analyze data from an SQL query (Supported JDBC datasources: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, SqlLite, Sybase, Derby, etc.)
    • Native Solaris binary audit log collector
    • SNMP trap collector
  • Parser and analyzer modules
    • Parse log data into fields
    • Normalize log
    • Index log
  • Statistics, aggregation
    • Create multi dimensional statistics real-time based on individual fields of log
  • Events and Alerts
    • Simple event generation
    • Event generation based on multiple criteria (correlation)
    • Baseline event generation (looking for anomailes)
    • Store states and use them as a condition of events
    • Alert and notify users or other systems when an event matching one or more specified criteria is generated
    • Generate synthetic events and reuse them as input data
  • LOGalyze SOAP API
    • Connect remotely to SOAP API service
    • Generate your own client from favorite SOAP toolkit (such as the toolkits for PERL or .NET) using the WSDL
    • LOGalyze-CLI command line interface

Administrator Interface

  • General features
    • Access via a customizable web based HTML user interface from any location at any time
    • No client-side installation, saving time and simplify maintenance
    • Multi-language user interface
  • Log browser
    • Grid view
    • Show or hide columns, sort by any field of log
    • Filter by columns
    • Selection criteria designer
    • Google-like-search
  • Statistics viewer
    • Multi-dimensional statistics
    • Several graph types: line, bar, stacked column, grouped column, pie
    • Data table
  • Report generator
    • Automatically generated reports
    • Predefined Compliance reports
    • Output formats: E-mail, HTML online, PDF, CSV, XLS
  • Admin functions
    • User and Role management
    • Source log device management
    • Customizable user interface
    • Internal audit log

Log definitions™

  • Windows 2003 System, Security, Application event logs
  • Windows 2008 event logs
  • Linux standard events
  • OS Audit Subsystem logs (Linux Audit Subsystem, AIX audit log, Solaris audit log)
  • Network devices (Cisco, Juniper, SonicWall, etc.)
  • Oracle audit trail
  • System software logs (Apache, Postfix, Sendmail, Squid, etc.)
  • Ability to parse custom business application logs


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