Production of an environmental friendly energy cell with seawater

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Advanced Network Technologies Ltd.

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Production of an environmental friendly energy cell with seawater

Amount of contracted aid: 417 141 743.-Ft

Aid intensity (%): 66.54%

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The project aims to create an environmentally friendly energy cell capable of generating green electric energy from seawater as well as the mass production of this cell.

The cell would be able to replace galvanic cells and galvanic batteries as well as the use of Lead based batteries in sea and subsea applications.

One of the most critical issues societies face today is  maintaining an environmentally protective attitude and preventing the mass production of wastes.

Mankind has devoted substantial efforts and capacities to exploring the subsea ecosystem which has a fundamental impact on our daily lives our  climate and our way of life.

These efforts have fundamentally been using various  Subsea equipment and sensors to make continuous measurements. They all require a continuous supply of energy. This energy is totally furnished by  alcalic batteries.

An analysis by McKinsey a leading analysts of the global oil industry has confirmed that the Oil and Gas Industry Giants allocate substantial resources to the introduction of digital Technology innovations which can increase the efficiency of all the assets involved in production upstream and downstream as well.

Especially in the offshore oil and gas production it has become a priority for oil Giants to deploy Subsea communication devices sensors and measurement devices. These relatively tiny assets provide continuous measurements and  critical information about oil Fields including pressure temperature fluid flow speed as well as other parameters that will allow operators to take timely reaction to increase their production efficiency and avoid any accident that would beset production.

It is well known that standards are being written to cover the use of signalling devices and sensors that are built into Subsea transport pipelines providing electricity for such devices is a top priority for the industry.

Bearing all this in mind it is beyond doubt that at Environmental Prrotectionn can be coupled with increased industrial efficiency by the development of a Subsea green energy cell that can provide environmentally neutral flow of energy with minimal human intervention.

This application  now aims to develop such a green energy cell that can generate environmentally friendly electricity from seawater continuously without any human intervention for an extended period of time.

Additional applications may include life jackets for  the shipping and the aviation industry as well as black boxes. These objects will require energy when they hit the water in case of an emergency to emit light sound and or radio signals.

With the use of a green energy cell these signalling devices we have a continuous supply of energy to automatically generate the required energy when the asset is immersed in water.

Our research and development Focuses on the development of the ancient technology which is known as the Baghdad battery. Conventional batteries can only generate a low level of electricity which will not make them a viable option for industrial applications.

We wish to increase the electricity output by applying innovative Solutions in electronics as well as the application of materials and structures that have not been tested for such environments in industrial applications.

The output of the project will be an environmentally friendly seawater vell with a broad range of applications in a variety of marine and other industries.

Intended completion date of the project: 31.12.2022

Project ID: 2019-1.1.1-PIACI-KFI-2019-00298

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