Development of Laser Technology Crystal Cleavage Device

Aim of the project:

It is known that mineral precipitates occur in the producing wells as part of the cultivation and production activities in the course of fluidum mining (hydrocarbon and geothermal).


These precipitates cause serious financial loss and may pose significant technical problems.

It is almost impossible to remove the deposits by the current technology due to the chemical composition of them. They reduce the efficient output cross-section of the tube, or even completely clog the pipes. This process results in a significant reduction in the production or even the abolishment of that, sometimes causing damage to the national economy also.

The phenomenon is well known and is an important problem for the oil and gas industry as well as for the utilization and widely sustainable spreading of geothermal energy.

The method developed by using laser removes all the mineral salt precipitates (which are not removable by present methods) from the pipes of the wells producing water and hydrocarbon by using thermal effects attached with chemical transformation.

It means novelty and market value for this industry because:
- That is not necessary to use extremely expensive and environmentally criticized prevention procedures
- Tubes are not necessary to be replaced to remove the perticipates which are already formed

Our press releases:

Kossuth Radio - (10. May 2013.)
Radio interview - (10. May 2013.)
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Magyar Nemzet - Business - Stock (10. May 2013.)
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Figyelő - Feltörekvők - (26. September 2013.)
                                                           If the money gushes

Our partner in the project: 

 University of Szeged

Details of the project:


 Title of the project:
Development of crystal cleavage device by using laser technology

ID of the project:

Amount of grant:
638 222 500,- ,- With the support of the European Union and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Name of recipients:
- Advanced Network Technologies Ltd. (Leader of the consortium)
- University of Szeged


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