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Mórahalom – The Hungarian department of the Hydrogeologists’ International Association holds a 3-day conference in Mórahalom for the international hydrogeologist society to introduce them the regional application possibilities of geothermic energy.

On the first day of the conference (on Thursday) a Hungarian-developed, new laser technology was introduced which can be used for geothermic drilling.

János Szanyi, organizer of the conference, associate professor, Department of Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Petrology of University of Szeged said the new technology laser is able to drill several kilometers into the earth crust, therefore a major obstacle can be removed from the wide range application of geothermic power. The laser heats the surface of stones and rocks so fast, that they shatter because of thermal shock.

The EU and the Hungarian government supported, while the Budapest-based ANT. Kft developed the technology from the sum of 1.3 billion HUF. János Szanyi said that colleagues, students of Mineralogy Department also take part of the related researches. They are awaiting for cooperation with international and domestic organizations, he added.


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The article contains number of unprofessional and therefore incorrect rescripts, and inaccuracies related to the project funding.

As a correction here is the original press kit:

Dr. Tóth József felkonferálja a technológiai bemutatót

‘Made for press conference of the Geothermal Applications and Specialties in Groundwater Flow and Resources, which was held between 8th and 10th of May in 2013 in Mórahalom, presenting the new laser drilling technology of a consortium of The ANT Kft. – Szegedi Tudományegyetem – ZerLux Hungary Kft.

The developers announced the groundbreaking success of the underground laser drills as applied industrial researches at the two presentations.

Dr. Bajcsi Péter előad a ZerLux technológiáról

As a result of a three-year research, the subsurface laser drill, the new technical solution has been developed in order to effectively exploit the hydrocarbon resources.

The ZerLux product line revolutionizes the exploitation of water, gas and oil. It gives a device for mining companies, which is not just faster, more effective and cheaper than the former ones, but thanks to its new technology, is able to increase the exploitable volume of water and mineral resources. So it is able to make the economically not exploitable fields profitable again.

kép jobb oldalán Petar Milanovic (President of IAH Serbian National Chapter) kérdést tesz fel a technológiáról a kép bal oldalán álló Dr. Bajcsi Péternek. (Középen Dr. Tóth József)

The technology raises the yield in a way that it does not use hazardous chemicals. The development of two elements of the system was subsidized by the EU and the Hungarian Government with a sum of 1.3 billion HUF.
It is not surprising that this research and development can be very helpful for the specialists of geothermal, gas and oil industries.

A bemutatott egyik ZerLux lézeres fúrófej makettje

The solution introduced at the conference has attracted major interest among the invited professionals.
At the joining press conference dr. Péter Bajcsi – owner of ZerLux Hungary Kft., which was founded for product utilization – said, that until now several international oil companies have expressed their interest in the product, and they are in negotiations with the largest companies involved. He also added, this development was realized from the idea of domestic professionals, from the devoted work of domestic researchers and domestic capital, so they are trying to keep the completed solution in domestic control. He also expressed his hope that, however Hungary is not an ‘oil superpower’, but owing to the technology, we will be able to be part of the immortals of this monumental industry.

A ZerLux laterális fúrási technológiát bemutató sematikus ábra

Viktor Tábor, owner of ANT Kft. – strategic partner and one of the main funders of the development – also had his say, that his company was eager to enter this project and undertook the investment happily, which partly helped the project to reach today’s results. He said that in addition of the lot of private capital, two phases of the project received (more than) 1.3 billion HUF subsidy from the Hungarian Government and the European Union within the framework of the New Széchenyi Plan (Új Széchenyi Terv). He added that the research and development is far from its end, because there are loads of possibilities and several problems to be solved in the area of subsurface drilling technology. The technology of lateral drilling promises so outstanding results, which we are not able to estimate today.

ZerLux technológia üzem közben kőzetmintát olvaszt (fúr)

Dr. Péter Bajcsi said that in addition to the cleaning of extraction pipes, the lateral drilling technology can make the – debatable – ‘fracturing technology’ more effective. Their researches in this area are in advanced phase.

For listener’s question he highlighted that in addition to research and development they place major emphasis on patenting the results, what can help to keep the technology under domestic control.

Dr. Bajcsi laid stress on they are keen to patent the further outcomes in order to have complete domestic and international IPR (Industrial Property Rights) protection over the technology.

ZerLux technológiával megfúrt kőzet

Dr. János Szanyi, Phd., hydrogeologist, associate professor, Department of Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Petrology of University of Szeged confirms that this technology will bring fundamental changes not just in oil and gas industry, but in geothermal industry as well. The technology is able to significantly raise the effectiveness of water wells and reinjection wells, reducing their maintenance costs.

Dr. József Tóth, hydrogeologist professor, Professor Emeritus of University of Alberta (Canada), Senior Vice President of World Petroleum Council expressed his appreciation for the Hungarian innovation which appeared in the oil industry, and added his hopes of this laser drilling technology enters the market soon.

The presented technology, named ZerLux proves that Hungarian innovations can attract worldwide attention.


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