The ANT Ltd. has reached the highest, SELECT EXPERT level in Fujitsu’s Select Partner program

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Fujitsu has launched its partnership program in order to stimulate distributors on the market. Fujitsu formed a ‘selected’ group from the distributors, who can manage Fujitsu products at a higher level for the clients. The SELECT Partner level allows to get more benefits such as dedicated SELECT Partner Manager. For this level a certificate is needed in the area of Fujitsu Technology Solutions SERVER AND STORAGE and/or MOBILITY products and solutions. We accomplished this level. We were just only one step away from the peak, and finally we passed it. With diligent and sustained learning and working, we became experts in the area of server and storage infrastructures and solutions. In this way the ANT Kft. became SELECT Expert partner, which is the Fujitsu’s highest level of partnership. We have every available certificates. This guarantees that we give the most professional service for you and your firm.



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