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Our website is now also available in English. Currently, not all content is available in English, but in time it will be replace.
In the meantime, you are welcome to write to us about what we can improve our site.

Leading the way again – Fujitsu Select Partner prize award


In June of 2012 Fujitsu has organized a monumental SELECT Partner Program awards event, where – as the name shows – the partners take part. At this ceremony Viktor Tábor, owner of ANT Kft. has received The Best Solution Innovator award from Gábor Poros, poros manager of Fujitsu.


Two more Fujitsu certificates – complete list


The ANT Kft. has always strived to ensure the best professional quality for clients. Fujitsu provides series of professional education for its partners, who are able to receive different classifications by passing tests at the end of the courses.

New dual socket Fujitsu PRIMERGY server generation

 The new Intel-based Fujitsu PRIMERGY dual-socket servers for scalability, performance and cost-effectiveness embodied the ideal combination.

About the start of the new ANT website

I would like to announce that the new ANT website is completed.

Many people were asking why it was needed. I think the time has come to answer this question.

Our partner who wants his firm to appear in the virtual space or just wants to refresh its appearance we usually tell that in our age it is not enough to have a pretty website filled with passively listing the firm’s services. Generally there is a need for something different, something more.

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