Information Security

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)


When business processes got stuck, shut down by the loss of supporting resources, directly or indirectly can cause financial loss. If we are not able to identify the extent of damages, we won’t be able to create a cost effective defense.

Assessment of data assets


Information is the base of our business processes. Their damage, loss, theft can cause financial loss, and operational disruptions as well. To successfully avoid these nuisances we have to know the place of occurrence and application features of our data.


Establishing IT infrastructure and defense systems are generally made by evolutionary methods. We insert newer and newer sub-systems, services to the existing environment according to the current needs, usually in scarce financial and time constraints. In these cases we usually tend to prefer functionality over operational security. When it occurs with time shifts, in insufficiently documented system environments, maybe with changing IT staff, it is almost sure that the basic infrastructure, the defense sub-systems will contain planning, implementing or configuration errors.

Web Access Control

Nowadays web interface is one of the most common paths of IT systems for users, so the most abuses happen there.
There are several kinds of browsers and web servers, numberless applications and huge amount of data which mean complex tasks for the admins (system administrators) to defend.
For this complex problem the WebAccessControl (WAC) is the excellent, rapid and really effective solution.

LOGalyze log collection and analysis system

The LOGalyze log collector and analyzer system entirely Hungarian development. Easy to use, low operating cost, fault-tolerant central system log management device for general purposes. Secure channel to collect log information in one central location, and then filter, sort and analyze them! Put all in a simple to use, intuitive web interface!

Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary

The firewall safety of Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary which takes place in several parks is provided by the IT border safe system developed by the ANT kft. (Ltd). This is made to inhibit any incompetent access to date it has worked one-hundred percent safe.

Our company’s highly qualified technical colleagues are ready to activate whatever adjustment or clarification is needed in every minute of the day. Our company is the supplier for the modernization process of the informatics rooms and offices.

Information security

The issue of information security is now going beyond the IT infrastructure supporting data management. The key to maintaining the operability of information and protection of complex business processes based on it's approach.

The issue of information security is now going beyond the IT infrastructure supporting data management. The integration of telecommunication systems, the development of mobile devices poses new challenges. This accelerating environment exposes the operating people more and more strain, which increases the mistakes, the risk of abuse.

Institution of outpatient surgery in Ibrány-Nagyhalászi Region

New institution for outpatient surgery has come to existence in the region of Ibrány-Nagyhalászi set up with modern technologies. Surgery opened on the 1 st of January, 2011 as a result of a greenfield investment materialized by the tender called „Development of the Institution of outpatient surgery in Ibrány-Nagyhalászi Region” within the frame of the New Hungary Developing Plan signed by TIOP-2.1.2-07/1-2008-0015.

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