Institution of outpatient surgery in Ibrány-Nagyhalászi Region

New institution for outpatient surgery has come to existence in the region of Ibrány-Nagyhalászi set up with modern technologies. Surgery opened on the 1 st of January, 2011 as a result of a greenfield investment materialized by the tender called „Development of the Institution of outpatient surgery in Ibrány-Nagyhalászi Region” within the frame of the New Hungary Developing Plan signed by TIOP-2.1.2-07/1-2008-0015.

Our company has built up the network of the server room, transported servers, routers, and uninterruptible power supplies. We have made the system to work by installing servers and configurating active network devices. We have provided the smooth work by not only running server park but transporting medical stations also.

The value of the project was ~ 25.000.000 Ft

A few pictures about the project:




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