Web Access Control

Nowadays web interface is one of the most common paths of IT systems for users, so the most abuses happen there.
There are several kinds of browsers and web servers, numberless applications and huge amount of data which mean complex tasks for the admins (system administrators) to defend.
For this complex problem the WebAccessControl (WAC) is the excellent, rapid and really effective solution.


Place the WAC before the web server so clients reach the system through that. Since the product is completely transparent, you do not have to make further settings on the web servers and clients. After configuration, the WAC analyses the data flow and filters abuses and errors. Both protecting the clients and the web servers from compromising.

Protocol conversion

The WAC has not only protective, but correction and translator modules as well. It is able to translate between http 1.0 and http 1.1 protocols. In case the browser applies an irregular request towards the server, or the server would give irregular answer, the WAC corrects them and it is able to lector the communication according to internet rfc-s.

IP version management

The WAC is able to handle not just the classic IPv4 protocol, but the continuously spreading IPv6 as well. It can also be used, when the server network uses IPv6 protocol and the public services can be reached through IPv4.

Web-traffic acceleration

The WAC with extended functionality is able to serve static web contents, pictures, videos from cache this way reducing the load of the web server.

Load balancing

The WAC is able to balance the load in case of clustered web servers based on different algorithms. 


The WAC can termial SSL (Secure Socket Layer). So web servers are able to handle ‘clear html’ connection.
Most common application areas of WAC

  • protecting public web pages
  • protecting interactive, web 2.0 and SOA applications
  • protecting internet/net bank applications
  • protecting intranet systems of large companies
  • frontend protection of three-layer applications

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