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Advanced Network Technologies Limited was established as a Swedish-Hungarian joint venture in 1990. over the years the Hungarian management bought out the foreign owners. By now the company is wholly owned by Hungarian private persons.
Our client base primarily include large and medium –sized corporations as well as educational institutions and public administration bodies. We have been focusing on electrical technologies and IT since the company was incorporated, including product distribution, services, systems integration and development as well.
Our special strength is the highly qualified investment consulting team. In full cooperation with the clients they create customized high value for money solutions.

Product Distribution:

Ant has been a key enabler in distributing several well known, innovative products.
The current portfolio also includes the best and most innovative products on the market. Our offer includes the products one of the most advanced storage manufacturer, NetApp, or the VMware range, which is the flagship virtualization solutions provider.
Ant is one of the largest Hungarian distribution partner of Fujitsu Technology Solutions. We have been awarded a "Select Expert" status and Ant also provides repair and maintenance services.

Services and Systems Integration:

A key strength of ANT lies with Ant’s ability to provide high end solutions at affordable prices. Ant’s highly qualified and trained professionals will flexibly cater for the specific needs of clients.
Ant has participated in several projects that aim to spread future technologies on the Hungarian market. We have, for example contributed to creating several cloud computing systems. These experiences prompted us to create a proprietary services centre, which provides clients with IaaS (infrastructure services) as well as PaaS (platform services).


Ant has contributed to the development of several Hungarian designed security systems.
Ant’s development team has gained reputation in responding to systems requirements. In response to our client initiative, Ant has set up a novel business line to develop applications accessible from user interfaces. We regularly apply for funds co-financed by the European Union to finance these development efforts.

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