Today, if a company wants to stay on market, obtain or retain competitive advantage, the primary task is focusing on core business. Serving activities are increasingly outsourced and delegated to external, specialized companies. This will ensure that, besides appropriate contractual background, the company will obtain the best possible services in the best possible prices. Specialized companies can collect the given activities and usually can solve cheaper than the "isolated" working internal service suppliers.

Our company mainly provide IT and telecommunication outsourcing. It is possible to outsource the complete IT, or outsourcing certain sub-areas as well. For example, outsource the security.

What do you gain if you begin?

  • The company will gain an effective, high availability IT system. (based on SLA contractual terms)
  • The company will gain predictable service fees rather than high investment funds. (OPEX instead of CAPEX)
  • The outsourced colleagues will gain broader IT challenges, more competitive salary, and opportunities for further development.

How can be outsourcing cheaper than internal services?

The answer is not so clear, but let's see the general reasons:

  • Our company can purchase the equipments required for services deep below the market prices because of the large batches.
  • Every task is performed by experts that allows the optimal input of time and other resources.
  • Thanks to our Advanced Command Structure there's always as much experts will be available as needed. Unnecessary resources are not engaged.
  • There' no need for testing the newly launched systems, no need to train the staff one-by-one, but the most sophisticated competence will be automatically available, so the launch can be initiated very quickly. Thus, the company's market advantage may increase further.
  • As always use the most modern yet stable solutions, so the work efficiency in core business activities may reach the level you never seen before.

Who do we recommend our services?

  • For those whose primary objective is NOT to operate the supporting IT infrastructure of the core business activities.
  • Usage of IT systems is an integral part of their activity. (ERP systems, manufacturing support, electronic registry, mailing, file serving, VOIP phone, etc.)
  • For those who owns 10 - 5 000 PCs and servers.

Our further individual competitive advantages:

  • Because our company is a dominant participant of the security market from the very beginning, our colleagues and solutions are commited to secure IT solutions and human resources. Our company is an ISO 27001 IT security management system certified organization since 2007, and we are called to be reliable supplier/provider by the National Security Agency. Most of our staff has a "type C" national security certificate. Our products are used in service MIBÉTCS EAL3 certified products are also included.
  • Hungarian- and English-speaking staff performing the services and supports.
  • Colleagues with exceptionally high UNIX / Linux expertise are available.
  • Microsoft certified experts with more than 10 years of experience are available.
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