Szilveszter Palotay IT director (AKI)

Research Institute of Agricultural Economics has been cooperating with ANT Kft (Ltd) for more than a decade.

ANT Kft (Ltd) is the supplier and operator of our IT border safe system. Based on our experience we can declare ANT is one of the Hungarian SMEs which represents values like outstanding workmanship, responsible commitment to the clients, and flexible sense of collaboration.

These features highlight this firm from the competitors. To be honest I can offer to work with them to all companies facing with similar problems or tasks. 

András Tóth Facility manager (Óbudai University NIK)

ANT served large number of IT devices for our competence centers. 

Our cooperation has been working for 8 years, during this time they transported hundreds of PCs, notebooks and monitors without any mistake and has been providing stable service background for our institution.

The expertise and attitude of the sales department and the accuracy of the transportations significantly contributed the trouble free implementation of IT developments.

Iván Ivanics pensioner, engineer

I keep an eye the activities of ANT Ltd. since establishment.

In the field of information technology with highly skilled engineers provide wide range of cutting-edge quality of their services. They have done an excellent job in computer systems of architect office.

If I have a problem in computer science I just call them!


Media Markt Saturn Holding Hungary Ltd.

ANT Kft (Ltd.) has been ensuring to supply components for Fujitsu servers for short deadline nationwide in all our stores (21) and to repair Fujitsu devices during the time of guarantee and after that also for years. The firm not only meets its engagements determined in the contract but over fulfills those.

Tibor Borzák Facility manager (EPAM Systems)

EPAM Systems as a multinational company plays a leader role in the software development market.

To keep the position it is essential to be at service the last technologies and IT solutions supporting the main business activities in a short time. These kind of information technologies are for example the virtualization and the developed storage-solutions, which are cost effective and makes substantially easier and faster among others the developmental and QA processions.

ANT Kft. (Ltd) is a committed upholder for the up-to-date IT solutions, moreover the expertise of sales colleagues, the flexibility and the accuracy of each transport have participated substantially the improvement of the company.

Éva Viszló HR manager (responsible also for IT, EHS és Security fields) Belden-Duna Cable Ltd.

ANT Kft.(Ltd) is one of our most important informatics supplier for years although it is not easy: we usually call fo a new tender no matter if we are looking for a cheap toner or appliances which cost millions. However we usually order from others also, but I certainly apply to for having something soon or I need accurate administration or the expertise to solve a rare task. I wish the best for them – they deserve it.

Zoltán Sedlák owner (Quality-Ram Plus Ltd.)

We have been partners for years, we always get the most appropriate solutions fitting to our demands on an accurate and reliable way. Making a bargain means to have a good business, not only the vendor but the customer wins, too.

András Balkányi head of IT department (KRE)

We have been cooperating with the team of ANT Kft (Ltd) for decades. They operate our firewall system, supply devices and provide services for us. The company helps the IT specialists of the university to solve all the technical problems. There is no doubt about their professional, we feel safe our data behind their firewalls.

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