Laser for oil

 They expect the exploration of new oil stocks by the new Hungarian invention.

A Hungarian invention can make the economically not exploitable oil wells profitable – announced yesterday at a conference in Mórahalom. The essence of the invention is a powerful laser which can melt the subterranean rock, and it can be separated from the hydrocarbons or the underground water resources.  





/on the picture: American oil well. The inventors go overseas/


Hungary may appear on the map of the petroleum industry – said Viktor Tábor, the executive of one of the inventor companies at a hydrogeologic conference yesterday.

As he said, this laser technology can help to make the non-profitable oil wells to make profit again. The laser can make it easier to explore the enclosed natural gas from rocks, and the geothermic industry can also benefit from the invention.

The essence of the invention is: a powerful laser beam melts the rock, which can be removed this way, and more hydrocarbons can be mined out than by the old method. The latter one was detailed by Péter Bajcsy, who drew the attention that the invention is an existing product, which was tested in practice.

Viktor Tábor also said that their consortium – University of Szeged is also a member of it –has received 1.3 billion forints subsidy from the EU and from the government for developing the new technology.  This sum can show a return soon, he added.

The manager announced: they have picked up connection with MOL earlier, and their colleagues will travel to Houston, to the centre of oil industry, next week to negotiate with the biggest companies about the utilization of their invention.

The whole development of the device was made by domestic professionals in Hungary, and the patent also will be Hungarian.

Kriszta Gidró

Source: Magyar Nemzet - Economy - Exchange; May 10. 2013. Friday

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