Fujitsu-NetApp-agreement: common product range

The Fujitsu and the NetApp announced: expanding their long-standing, worldwide partnership, they help clients to make their IT-investments more economical. Todays informatical (IT) leaders are expected to react for the business needs as soon as possible. For them the partners are now offering their integrated storage solutions which bring fast business results. The extended partnership and the extended retail agreement keeps carrying on the traditions to support the client's business success, the efficient, standard IT-operation and makes possible the satisfaction of all (kind of) data storage needs by Fujitsu and NetApp solutions.
According to the extended partnership the two (firms) are offering a common product range for satisfying the integrated data storage needs of business clients. The NetApp offers the Fujitsu Eternus SC800 S2 data security target machine (solution??) as a distributor in 22 countries of the EMEA region, and (in favor) the Fujitsu will distribute the NetApp common/integrated/single data storage systems on more markets. Maintenance and support/assistance, and operational services in connection with the common product range are provided (continuously?) by the world's third largest IT-service company, Fujitsu.



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