IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

The service is especially recommended for those who have computer systems that are intended to keep operating continuously, but the hardware and other basic infrastructure investment and the costs and problems associated with üzemeltetésükkel want to get rid of.

Hardware paltform

Our company is mainly for x86-based tools for IaaS services, but can we serve SPARC surfaces.

IaaS depot NetApp enterprise storage solutions, IBM, and Fujitsu's enterprise servers for data storage and provide computing capacity. To ensure proper operation of hardware and always park.

Our service center as large resource reserves, which is more like a large company, or kitrjedt service needs can be served immediately.

It is possible to not only individual servers, but also on complex networks in the cloud for its performance.


Number of sites in the cloud to get access to high-bandwidth network such as PSTN, or other providers or loss of ability to affect service.

Why is this a good solution?

  • because it avoids one - or significant - investment in hardware.
  • for improving the quality and availability hardware interface is obtained than if we would build one, or even two.
  • because the ANT IaaS cloud can freely resize the required resources, such as demand increases or decreases, we keep pace with the cost as well.

Who do we recommend?

  • Micro-and small enterprises,
    • who park in the hardware is out of date or have outgrown.
    • who have multiple locations, but would like to use a common computer center.
    • are stored on server on their systems and their data more secure I would like to know.
  • Medium and large companies,
    • the uncertain economic environment, who do not dare to start major investments in the IT field.
    • where the objective is professional and low cost of operation.
    • who have a need for high-availability, backup site to be developed.
    • Those who have multiple locations, but would like to use a common computer center.
  • Credit and financial institutions,
    • who assess their IT infrastructure to improve the cost is too high.
  • Web-content providers (shopping carts, online marketplaces, aukcis sites, online media)
    • who assess the availability of services to critical business questions.
    • those who want to know üzletmentetüket safe.
    • who does not make a difference how much quality.
    • whose IT infrastructure is only incidental, but necessary items.

Our further competitive individual:

  • Since our "old hand" in the IT security industry, it is our recommended solution was a priority to create a reassuring safety data.
  • The system also provides solutions geordeundáns. Distance between our two crow flies is greater than 150 km.
  • Up to 7 * 24 hour support we can provide. If you are calling us to support our lines, where appropriate specialized knowledge engineers will immediately speak.
  • ITIL-based service management system we operate in the SLAs and other controls to ensure.
  • Guaranteed security logging of events subsequent detection.
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