History of our partner meetings

It is a long lasting tradition to organize a partner meeting in every year, where we entertain our clients and everyone we work together with during the years.


To demonstrate participants of the IT sector are creative, imaginative people, we surprise our partners with different themes, mottos, games and further interesting and funny entertaining possibilities each year.

In 2003 we invited our guests to a pioneer camp, where various tasks, games, skill tests – which lived in our partners memories from the camps of their childhood – waited for our pioneers. At the end each team sat around the camp fire with well-deserved pride to have fun all night long.

In 2004 we simply invited our guests to a solid unrestrained meeting, where we didn’t offer anything but games, competition, speeding, fun and laugh.

In 2005 we wandered into the wonderful world of fantasy, where we summoned the world and mystics of the Arabian Nights by oriental games and flavors.


In 2006 there came the time of heroes, when everyday’s heroes were able to demonstrate their smartness, toughness and other chivalrous qualities they have in a set of the knights age. We tried to compose our program in accordance with our family friendly image, so the youngest can enjoy the evening with their parents. After the skill and stamina tests we regenerated the tired muscles and hungry stomachs with the best of Hungarian cuisine, and the dry throats by divine wines.


In 2007 we combined the experience of driving with the light of the stars in a picturesque environment, where we ensured a magnificent gastronomic garnishing for our speeding guests. It was a great cure for the starvation caused by the terrain and fresh air.



In 2008 we became adults. Thus we decided to surprise our guests with something really adult, which is exciting, interesting and ‘vicious’ enough.
We had the rights to drink alcohol, but we like fighting for the really good things, so the best choice was to focus on the world of the 20-30s America of the bootleggers. So we organized a party like the ones were during the flourishing of the (alcohol) prohibition, the real gangster world with its authentic gambling houses with its smoky, gunpowder and cigar smell, and of course the inevitable swing music.


In 2009 we were inspired by the fabulous Greece, the home of mythological heroes, gods, demi-gods.
So we built up the altar of Dionysus where we could enjoy the taste of the majestic Greek cuisine, specialty of its wines, beauty of its dances and happiness with our friends.
True to ourselves we had further surprises during the evening.

2010 guided us to the world of exotic places, foods, philosophy and other specialties.

The Caribbean seemed to be an optimal choice for the realization of our plans and surprises, so we conjured that world for the entertainment of our partners.

We pampered everybody with fascinating music, spectacular shows, dance of native women in grass skirts, fiery cocktails and exotic delicacies. And you had the choice to learn your fate, future from an invited astrologist or from the magic power of the tarot cards in case the previous list wasn’t enough for you.


In 2011 the economic crisis hit the business life too. But we didn’t surrender, we decided to insist on our tradition: we amaze our guests with a stylish evening, where they can forget their daily problems and enjoy the pleasure of the heavenly manna as well as the forbidden fruits of hell.

So we organized the eve of angels and demons. There were sinful, devilish things like roulette table, or poker, heavenly cocktails and cigars. As a playful counterweight the bell of heaven was ringed in every hour to open the padlocks, in order to pamper every participants with the celestial taste of manna and other delicacies.

And if it is about angels, devils, hell and heaven, there has to be esoterics. So based on the successful previous years, we invited our experts to give guidelines and advice to our guests by the help of astrology and tarot. The angelic beauty was presented by a talented henna painter, who decorated our lady guests’ skin with beautiful patterns.

And what will 2012 bring? We don’t know yet, but based on our previous years’ experience, the ANT guarantee joyful games, fun and laughter.


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